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Kitchens & baths remodeling: Building new jewels for your home.

Few rooms in a home command one’s attention more than the kitchen and bathrooms. But as the owner of an older home, you know those rooms didn’t receive as much devotion back in the day as they do in the new builds today. Which is why you’ve been dreaming about what could be. Well, let’s build that dream together.

Because delivering on your vision is what we do. And how we do that is by listening, asking the right questions and applying our knowledge and skill of working in older spaces (that have perceived limitations) to build the kitchen or bathroom you envisioned. Can more volume be created out of your kitchen’s current footprint? Can a master bath be built where one doesn’t exist?

We can. We have. And it’s those challenges that we love.

Kitchen & Bath Gallery

Lead safe certified carpenters. Older homes come with unique challenges. One of which is lead paint. We are experts at containing such material. Keeping your house safe, clean and clear during both demolition and construction.

Respect for your personal space. It’s an honor to be chosen to work on and in your home. So, we make it a point of pride to do so with as little disruption to your home life as possible. Including when necessary the creation of separate entrances and barriers to separate us and the work from you and your living spaces.