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Addition construction: Expanding on a theme.

Adding on to an older home is the very definition of blending the past with the new. And it’s the type of challenge that we relish. The foundation of Christensen Construction was built on constructing additions that must match an existing architectural type or period.

It’s a specialty that not only requires a love for older homes, but knowledge and a specific skillset to tend to each detail of your home’s unique qualities. It’s also rooted in respect for your home and your vision. From a modest addition to a significant expansion of living space, listening, asking the necessary questions and offering advice that comes from years of experience puts all involved on the path to a successful and beautiful outcome.

To bring a new living experience to your older home and feel no disconnect as you walk around and through your house is the goal. One that’s achieved through dedication to your plan and a commitment to our craft.

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Lead safe certified carpenters. Older homes come with unique challenges. One of which is lead paint. We are experts at containing such material. Keeping your house safe, clean and clear during both demolition and construction.

Respect for your personal space. It’s an honor to be chosen to work on and in your home. So, we make it a point of pride to do so with as little disruption to your home life as possible. Including when necessary the creation of separate entrances and barriers to separate us and the work from you and your living spaces.