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Interior remodeling: We know what’s behind that wall.

Having worked on as many older homes as we have, we’ve seen everything. So, we’re well aware of what we can come across during a remodel inside your home. Which enables us to plan accordingly to help eliminate any surprises, including those in the most important area, cost.

It’s also with this wealth of knowledge and experience that we have honed our ability to build interior improvements that effortlessly blend with your home’s historical features. Which includes repairing existing material instead of replacing it whenever possible.

In addition, we have a substantial inventory of materials from the past that we can repurpose to replace or repair existing features—from moldings, door handles and knobs to banisters and handrails.

All of which supports our commitment to keep the integrity of what you fell in love with while providing you the rebirth you’ve been longing for.

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Lead safe certified carpenters. Older homes come with unique challenges. One of which is lead paint. We are experts at containing such material. Keeping your house safe, clean and clear during both demolition and construction.

Respect for your personal space. It’s an honor to be chosen to work on and in your home. So, we make it a point of pride to do so with as little disruption to your home life as possible. Including when necessary the creation of separate entrances and barriers to separate us and the work from you and your living spaces.